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THE GREAT LAKE TOBA – North Sumatra Chapter

August 2, 2011

Hi guys, move on to next story of the unforgettable trip….

On the 16th of August 2010 , we continued the trip to the 100 km long and 30 km wide lake ,largest lake in North Sumatra LAKE TOBA. The largest lake in Indonesia, and South East Asia.

Yes, Lake Toba. It took us about at least or more than  4 hours to travel this 176 kms long road from Medan, the capital city with motor bike. This lake is part of few regencies, among them are Simalungun, Samosir, Tapanuli Utara, Humbang Hasundutan, Karo and Dairi ,Noth Sumatra. There were 6 of us altogether. It was me, Cece, brother Welly, sister Ritha, brother Ewis, Rio & Idrus. We departed at early in the morning at 5am to avoid traffic jam and to also avoid the extremely hot weather, that time.

The greatest lake – LAKE TOBA

For the first 2 hours, we were leaving the city and heading toward west with average speed about 80 kms/hour, exit from Jalan Tol Berawa toward Jalan Serdang. There is only one big, large road heading to Lake Toba. I could recall the places we passed; it was Tanjung Morawa, Lubuk Pakam etc. Along the road you can only see houses. It was still morning at about 7am. We stopped by at Warung for a glass of copy/tea, just to warm-up the body.

Satelite View

Next 2 hours, we entered Tebing Tinggi , and heading toward the town of Pematang Siantar. Pematang Siantar is the largest town you will certainly pass when you are going to Lake Toba, unless you are going through Brastagi. However, from this point, still 48 kms to go to get to the great Lake.

We started to feel back-bone pain for sitting too long on the motorbike. It was really a long trip, I did not imagine before. I suggest for you guys who wants to do a trip to Lake Toba, to just rent a car rather than to ride a motorbike unless you are strong enough.

Between Pematang Siantar and Parapat, we started to get into the pine forest, windy,resulting a very cold, cold air. So fantastic and shaking you at once to bear the cold. I cried ..” woo hooooooo……….” so loud, when fasten the speed of motorbike, and gliding among the pine forest, 1000 m above the sea level.

For me myself, it was fun and did not feel so tired as it was the first time for me to visit the people say, the Beautiful Lake. I was imagining the lake along the way! At about 12, we actually had spent more than 4 hours untilwe got to the small town near the lake, Parapat. Finally we had some time for relaxing; straighten the back-bone, relaxing the ass-pain, due to long-long trip. We had Lunch in a Chinese warung,and spend a few minutes chit and chat.

On the next story, approaching the island in the lake center….Island of Samosir


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