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April 26, 2010

River Ayung is located in Desa Petang(village), Sangeh, Kab.Badung (regency) and one of the most favorite place for “rafting” in Bali, after river Telaga Waja in Desa Muncan,Karangasem. River Ayung is categorized as number 2 and river Telaga Waja as number 3 or 4 in terms of difficulty level.
Etymologically, “Ayung” means “beautiful”. This 60kms long river is the longest river in Bali,which has a very strong stream specially in the wet-season.However only 11 kms long which is used for rafting route. The river streams in the east side of Badung also as the border between Gianyar and Badung,and it starts from around somewhere in Kintamani and ended in Padanggalak Sanur.
On April 24, I joined a rafting with other 4 friends using one of the most famous rafting supplier “SOBEK”.We left Sanur at 8am and arrived at the starting point in Petang at about 9am. We then asked to put on the life-jackets,safety-helmet,and a pedal before went down the starting point,and we had to descend about 509 stair-steps which was made in 1990,it’s very tiring of course. Our guide was “MR.SLOWLY”.
We finally got to the starting point,and before the rafting started,there was someone who gave us instructions of “do’s and don’ts” during rafting. When the guide commanded to pedal and started the boat, that was where the excited feeling arose and ready to have fun…forward..1,2!,backward!,stop!..that was how Mr.Slowly our guide yelled and commanded us to pedal forward,or pedal backward or stop!
It was very exciting along the way,the sorrounding was very cool,along the way we could see forest and trees,and the very fresh and cold water. We stopped at the “Begawan Giri” waterfall,where we had a what our guide call “water-spa” :)..arrrrggghh the water was so damn freezing but we enjoyed it very much bathing under the waterfall and took pictures.
It took about 1 and half hour (90 minutes) to get to the finish point, with a lot of screams,and fun during the rafting trip :).
For this “rafting” if you are new in Bali and interested to try, you will only need to pay USD $ 79.00 (publish)per 1 Adult. For KITAS holder IDR Rp.380.000 per 1 Adult, include pick up(conditions might apply),Buffet-Lunch,Snacks,and Coffee or Tea with SOBEK.
After that “fun” rafting, we had lunch and coffee break,and then ascending about 235 stair-steps to the finish point,where we parked the car.
So why wait,,,?? come and feel it !
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