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LOMBOK – Islands of Thousand Mosques

March 20, 2010

Hi guys, in this chapter. I am going to share about my experience  when I and a friend of mine traveling to Lombok,Nusa Tenggara Barat with the capital Mataram on the 14th of March until 17th of March 2010. This island is famous among worldwide surfers, as it has good beaches and perfect waves. It is only max.5 hours from Bali with Ferry boat.

On March 14th, I and a friend  started the trip and we went there with Ferry from Padangbai Harbour. Padangbai is about 56 kms from Denpasar or about 45 minutes with motorbike. I was my first time to Lombok and this trip was intended to do self-inspection to the island which people famaously called ” the island of thousand Mosques” and also for refreshing (kind of). The ticket was IDR Rp.89.000,- or about USD $ 8.9  for 1 motorbike and 2 person. However please prepare your Driving Lisence as it is always be checked before entering the Ferry.

Let the story begin :

Day 01 ( Sunday March 14th’10)
We departed at about 12.00 pm and arrived at the Lembar Harbour (the name of Lombok Harbour) at about 16.45pm or about 4 (four) hours. Normally it takes about 4 hours indeed. Upon arriving at the harbour, we directly rode down to the town of Mataram about 27 kms from Lembar harbour. However we did not want to stay at Mataram town but continued riding to Senggigi area which is about another 30 kms from Mataram. Upon entering the Senggigi area, we then continued to look for cheap accomodation.

We searched on the internet and it was said we could get a hotel  with a good price which is vary from IDR Rp.75.000 – IDR Rp.150.000,-. There were 3 cheap hotels that we took into consideration after searching on the internet :

1). HOTEL ELEN ,located in town of Senggigi. The standard room with fan is IDR Rp.100.000,-/room/nite include b’fast. The room with AC is IDR Rp.150.000,-./room/nite without tv.

, also in Senggigi area, we checked the standard room,however only room with fan avalaible. There is no AC room. It is IDR Rp.100.000,- /room/nite include b’fast.

3).PURI SENGGIGI HOTEL, the room facilities are bath-up,tv and AC is IDR Rp.175.000,- /room per nite include breakfast (fried rice or toast). The standard room is IDR Rp.100.000,-/nite with fan only also include breakfast.

And for the first night, we took the option number 3 Puri Senggigi. It was good, and suitabale for backpacker like us. We did enjoy staying at the hotel but had to check out on the following day.

Day 02 ( Monday March 15th’10)
Woke up at 7.15am. After breakfast, preparing ourself to check out. At 9.00am we then proceeded to the south of Lombok,to the Kuta beach which is about 60kms to the south of Mataram or about one and half hour drive from Senggigi. South Lombok has beaches that inspire photographers from around the world and draw crowds to bake on the white sands. Kuta also as the center of tourism development in the south of Lombok. However it took us about almost 2 hours to get to Kuta,as we did not have a map and we took the wrog way.

We wanted to stay overnight at Kuta area, and we tried to find the cheap accomodation but we could not get it. All’s fully booked. Accomodation in Kuta area for your reference which is cheap are :

, Standard room is IDR Rp.100.000,-/room/nite. Facilities are swimming pool, hotspot and TV and AC (for Deluxe Room) about IDR Rp.200.000,-/room/nite. Room rate include breakfast.

2). MATAHARI INN, Standard room with fan is IDR Rp.175.000,- including breakfast

3). KEN’S HOTEL ,standard room is IDR Rp. 100.000,-/room/nite. We looked at the room however we did not like it very much. However there is swimming pool. Deluxe Room is IDR Rp.350.000,-/room/nite

4). TASTURA INN, if i’ am not wrong, they could give IDR Rp.250.000,- /nite for Deluxe Room (Domestic rate) it is different from the internet.

or for more info please visit :

We then decided to return to Senggigi. We left Kuta beach at about 3pm and arrived at Senggigi at about 5.30pm,and it was getting dark when we were looking around for the accomodation. It was March 15th when a lot of people from Bali started to come to Lombok,escaping the Nyepi Day on the 16th, as the results almost all hotels at Senggigi were fully booked. We then found and stayed at :

THE NEW MOON HOTEL (0370-693785) or
IDR Rp. 250.000/room /nite include breakfast,tax & service or USD $ 25.00
with Swimming Pool

pic 1 : New moon hotel Room

pic 2: Swimming pool @New Moon Hotel

The next day we checked out and proceeded to Bangsal (Pemenang) about 20kms from Senggigi. Bangsal is the harbour to the GILIS (Gili Air,Gili Meno and Gili Terawangan).Gili Trawangan, the most popular among the three Gili’s. Just kick back and enjoy the sun, nightly beach parties and sea. The main stripe is full of accommodations, restaurants, and dive shops.

If you are seeking a quieter place to stay there are bungalows in the north. This Island is also known as “Party Island”, where mostly young European find themselves “Lost In Paradise”.If you come during the Peak Season (July-August, December-January), most places are full and prices are doubled. An advanced reservation is a must.

Boat tickets to Gili Terawangan is only IDR Rp.10.000,- /person (max 20 pax/boat). For more information about price list, you can just visit :

We went back to Mataram via Monkey forest Pusuk at 12.30pm. Arrived at Mataram at about 2pm and then continued to Sekotong in the Soth-West of Mataram via Lembar Harbour. We planned to find accomodation and stayed at Sekotong, unfortunately the were no single accomodation found in this area. We almost get to Labuhan Poh when we decided to return to Mataram at about 3pm,because we did not find any accomodation. There was nothing to see in this area except beautiful crystal clear and white sandy beaches.

At 3pm we returned to Mataram, and we started to find an accomodation. We stayed at :

Jl.Pejanggik, Cakranegara

IDR Rp.245.000,-/room/nite include breakfast,tax & service
AC,TV,Bath-up and Minibar.

On the following day Mach 17th, we then checked out at about 8am, to catch the first Ferry to Bali.


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