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Gunung Kawi Temple – Tampaksiring – BALI

March 12, 2010

Hi guys, in this chapter I would like to share my story when I and my “cherie” visited one of the one and only tourism object in Bali (December 18th’09) where you can see chiseled temples on the cliff of rocks. This tourism object called ” Pura
Gunung Kawi” which is located about 40kms to the south-east of Denpasar in TampakSiring Village,regency of Gianyar. Well it is probably about max 45 minutes with motor bike.

The uniqe of this site is that one can see the Pura which is chilseled on the rock. There are 4 groups of temples :

(1). The group of 4 candi on the cliff,”ceruk”and fountain is in the west-side of river Pekerisan,
(2). In the east-side of the river, there are 5 candis on the cliff, also niches hermitages, pool with a few fountains,
(3). In the south, there are also a few “ceruk” and biara.
(4). By the archologist this is called “the 10th cemetery”.

This place is called  “Gunung Kawi” as it is  “chiseled = kawi”  on the cliff near the riverof Pekerisan.
So “kawi” means “to chisel/chiseled” It was told that it was “Kebo Iwa” who chilesed this candi on the cliff with his nails
He was a famous and great architect during the reign of The King of Udayana. The King of Udayana ruled Bali in the XI century with his wife Mahendradata (Gunapriya Dharma Patni) fom East-Java. During the reign of the king, inscriptions issued by the king were all written not only with Balinese language, but also with Old-Javanese language. It indicates the mixture of Bali and Java culture during the period, and it was the begining of the Javanese culture entered Bali.

There are 5 candis chiseled on the eastern-cliff of river Pekerisan. The 5 candis facing to the north. There is a writing ” haji limah ing jalu”. Possibly it is used as a place for praying and worshipping the holy-ghost of King Udayana.

There are more thing to tell,however it is best to visit the place directly and you will be amazed by how people long time ago could create this such “unbeliveable” things without using modern tools and even said those candi were made using “nails”? Isn’t it amazing?

Ooopps…if you come here, please bring pants,towel if you are interested in bathing at the river Pekerisan with very,very cold,pure and fresh water ! Don’t forget to count the stair-step you passed when you ascending or descending. It is said so far nobody could have the same amount of stair-steps they passed. Some said the total was 240,some said 280,,prove it!

Entrance fee is Rp.6.000,- /pax for adult, Rp.3.000 for children, parking fee 1.000 for motor bike and probably Rp.2.000 for car. Before you go down, you have to wear “sarong” and give donation (no matter how much,it’s up to you).
Well, this all hope you enjoy!!For more info please feel free to ask me on YM! Bon Voyage

Cheers Jeri

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