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Tondok Mamasa

February 25, 2010

Have you ever heard about Mamasa?Well I guess many of you dont :)! I can understand as Mamasa is only a small new born regency after a separation from Polewali (which is now called “Pol-Man Regency (Polewali Mandar) ) about approximately 6 hours driving towards north of Ujung Pandang,or about 252 kms (South Sulawesi). Total population is about 125.008 people. It is situated on the highland (1150 m)  and the temperature is really cold and wet.

Well, let us start the trip from Ujung Pandang. Upon arrival at the airport, you need to takea taxi to the terminal ” Dayak” and you will need to take a bus which is directly to Mamasa (easier). However there is also avalaible the what I call “fast car” instead of bus. It is a small car consist of only 9 passengers. Why I call it “fast car” because normally bus will take about 5 hours to get to Polewali, but with this “fast car” you will only need 2 hours (super fast isn’t it??). With a direct bus you will only need to pay once (which is about IDR 100.000 or $ 10 per person) until Mamasa, but with this “fast car” which is local people call “kijang” ( about IDR 60.000 or $ 6 per person), it will drop you until Polewali only and then you have to take another transport to Mamasa (I dont suggest this option unless you want to spent a few days in Polewali).

The distance from Polewali to Mamasa is about 90 kms, with a bit rough asphalt, and it is tiring. If you go with bus then you will feel a great shaking along the way,however still fantastic !! But dont expect any good restaurant, gas station etc along the way! As soon as you are arriving in Mamasa, be ready to feel the cool temperature in the evening. The nature and the air is still “virgin” and not yet contaminated by polution ( as far as I know).

Mamasa also good for tourist who interest in doing a trekking,hikin,bicycling,rafting and many other extreme activities. It has a few tourist object as well :

– Tedong-Tedong Grave ( a grave where skull of dead people are collected in a place called “tedong-tedong” ,tedong = buffalo. Tedong-tedong is a place to keep the skulls

with buffalo head in one side. This is almost similar with what Toraja has )

– Waterfall Sarambu
– HotSpring
-Traditiona House of Mamasa
-Traditional village of Ballapeu
and many more….

So, there is one fact you should know about Mamasa. Long time ago, “outsiders” were very afraid of “Mamasan”, because Mamasa was famous for “magic”. One of th e what people call “extreme magic” of Mamasan was “to walk the dead”. This practice was done long time ago when for example a friend was dead and nee d to be brought to his/her village. But due to it was hard to carry (or not enough) people to carry the dead body , and they had to pass mountains,jungle and rivers to get to the village, then they use the magic so the “dead bo dy was able to walk for days” and dont need to be carried! Scary..!! When the dead body is arrived, it is then welcome with a special ceremony a nd then placed in the house for a few days before it is burried.

Nowadays  this practice has been no longer used, as transportation alredy avalaible to carry the dead body..NO MAGIC need :)!Well’ that’s a short introduction about Mamasa, dont hesitate to ask should you have further questions.

Pic 1 : The center of the town
Pic 2 : Traditional costume of Mamasa
Pic 3 : Traditional house of Mamasa ( in Sarambu)
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    • Jerry permalink*
      March 5, 2010 4:14 pm

      Thank you :)..glad to know you enjoy it !i’ll post more about culture and tourism in indonesia !

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