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Tirta Gangga Karangasem

December 28, 2009

On the Dec 25th , I and friends did a trip to the Eastern Part of Bali, our destination was Amlapura town, the capital of Karangasem Regency. Karangasem is about 62 kms from Denpasar, and it takes about at maximum 1 hours to get there by motorbike or private car. The road is well paved road, straight but thou at some part there are holes here and there.

We visited a famous tourist destination there called “ Tirta Gangga” or in English can be translated as “ Water of Gangga”. As there is a pool at this site which has a spring coming out from the ground, and local people there believed that this water is coming from Gangga Water in India (River Gangga). A spring in balinese called “embukan”,spring is considered holy for Balinese (holywater). According to some sources, this site is used to be a palace built by the last king of Karangasem  Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut karangasem in 1984, and this was used as the resting place for king. However due to the eruption of Mt.Agung in the 1963 caused a very serious damage, and this palace was once abandoned.

Tirta Gangga Palace or can also be called Tirta Gangga Water Garden is located about another 6 kms from Amlapura town to the north-east,in Ababi village the district of Abang. The place with cool surrounding and also available a pool if somebody wants to swim or bathing.This 1,2 hectares of Water Garden consist of 3 complex. The first near the entrance gate is pool for fishes and fountain, the second is swimming pool and the third is a “bale” a place for king relaxing.

The entrance fee : ADULT (domestic tourist and foreigner) is IDR Rp.6.000/pax – CHILDREN IDR Rp.3.500 –Parking Fee 1000 (bike) 2000(car).

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