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Mount Batur

December 9, 2009

Pic 1 : with Jimmy,Novita on the TOP of Batur with Lake Batur view

Mount Batur is about 78 kms from Denpasar to the North or it takes about more or less 2 hours with motor bike or car. The height is about 1.771 above the sea level. I  and my friends went up via Toya Bungkah (a common starting point), near the lake Batur. However there are more starting points. There are accomodations as well avalaible there. The best time to climb is early in the morning so that you can enjoy sunrise (most people do). You can depart from Denpasar early in the morning at about 1am, arrive at the Toya Bungkah at about 3am, and climbing will take about 1 or 2 hours. Another options is to hire an accomodation at the Toya Bungkah, and start climbing at 4am in the morning. I guarantee your trip will be amazing.

If you wish to use a local guide, the guide fee vary from USD $ 20 – $ 30 per person (Rp.200.000 to Rp.300.000,-), but it depends on how many people ( the more the cheaper), and how good you are at bargaining. But it is OK as well if you dont want to use a local guide. Just go sneaking :)! There are also many tour packages offered by tour and travel agencies for this Mount  Batur Trekking with various price.

What are you waiting for??Let’s go climbing..!!!
Pic 2: Batur pier (Batur background)

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